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From coasting down Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes for the New York Times to dishing on the last remaining true Chicago blues joints for Aer Lingus’ inflight magazine, I’ve got your must-read adventure story just waiting to be written. Back in the office, I’ve got your editing needs covered, with experience as managing editor, associate editor and copy editor. Looking for more of a corporate copy writer? Sign me up. I’ve written for Orbitz, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism and Forbes Travel Guides. Writer, editor and content producer for print, web and beyond—I’ve got your organization’s message in any medium.

Travel | Avenue of the Volcanoes

New York Times
August 12, 2008
Travel / Latin America / Ecuador

A bus ride among towering volcanoes offers a handmade taste of local flavors, complete with stunning mountain scenery. Read at NYT here.

Tour | Obama's Hyde Park

Time Out Chicago
October, 2008

Before he took on the humble title of President of the United States, Barack Obama tooled around his South Side neighborhood of Hyde Park. The Chicago dude turned future world leader hit the local barber shop to look sharp, noshed on pizza with college kids and always paid the rent on time. Here’s where it happened.

Museums | Museums In Minutes

Time Out Chicago
October 12, 2008

Everyone wishes they were more cultured, but who’s got the time? These lightening-fast, self-guided museum tours zip you through Chicago’s top institutions to feast your eyes on must-see sights, and then bring you back again in plenty of time for lunch.

Museums | Ten Things About Tut

Time Out Chicago
October 12, 2012

Ancient artifacts from King Tut’s tomb made a rare Chicago appearance, the first since 1979. We got the low down on the Boy King and his gilded belongings in the run up to The Field Museum’s banner exhibition.

Culture | Insider tour, Chinatown Chicago

Time Out Chicago

Featured, Culture

Da Mare’s deputy chief of staff knows just what to see in Chicago’s Chinatown, from a Catholic church with Chinese flavor to Norwegian-designed pagodas.

Television | Pat Sajak interview

Time Out Chicago

Culture, people

The former Chicagoan who hawks vowels for a living puts his spin on some unlikely topics—including Orwellian social theories, his Taiwanese bowling show and a surprising stint at the Pentagon.